Artist Leikona

Welcome to my online art studio!

I have worked as an illustrator, Web and graphic designer. My paintings, sculptures, and jewelry can be found in private collections throughout the United States and abroad.

I enjoy creating each original work of art by hand, without the use of airbrushing, projectors, or other technology. Paintings often go from drawings, to layer upon layer of oil mixed with pigment, sometimes taking many months to complete. I don’t allow any of my art or prints to be altered with airbrushing, Photoshop or other software, and personally approve every print I sell.

I recently illustrated a children’s book by author Ben Woodard, “The Boy who flew with Eagles.”

I enjoy traveling, and my work is heavily informed by the landscape and culture of the four different U.S. states I’ve lived in during the past decade.

Children are my favorite subjects, and I believe that every work of art should tell a story. The joy and innocence of childhood dreams and imagination is a recurring theme in my work, and I always want to create a peaceful space for a viewer to rest, dream, remember, or simply enjoy natural beauty; which I view as an open love letter, from God to all of us.